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DSi firmware update in late July 2. DSi cards were temporarily disabled. Several cards, including the EZFlash Vi and Acekard 2i, were able to patch themselves to become compatible with the new 1. However, the R4i SDHC (among others) was unable to do this. As a result, all existing R4i SDHC cards became unable to be used on the DSi console.

All second-generation cards with a DLDI driver written for them are able to run most homebrew requiring filesystem I/O. Also, GBA games are mainly unable to be played on these cards unless you have a 2nd slot flash cart. Acekard 2/2i. The Acekard 2 earned a 90-percent on and a Golden Award on GBAtemp. See full list on First give the contacts on the Acekard a clean, then have a look inside the slot-1 on your DS with a torch. If it's full of debris, give the inside of the slot-1 on your DS a clean. Becareful not to bend the contacts. If that still doesn't work, see if the Acekard is loose in the slot. If so the the paper trick may solve the issue. Jun 05, 2009 · Overview : This review is an update to Acekard 2.1 DS MicroSDHC SLOT-1. This review will only discuss the new changes in Acekard 2i as it is practically the same as Acekard 2.1 and Acekard 2. The Acekard 2i is the same size as an original cart and you don't have to flash your machine or use a passme in order to use it. 【AceKard 2/2i カーネル】 ①「」をダウンロードします ②ダウンロードしたファイルを解凍します ③解凍したものの中にある全てのファイルとフォルダを microSDにコピーします The Acekard 2i is a great card when using akaio firmware 1.6rc works great with all nds roms even protected roms allso work great with buit in support for ez flash 3 in 1 gba expansion pack excelent card love it. The latest Note:The Acekard 2i card can su pport 3DS V4.3.0-10 and NDSi V1.44 now. Of course, It can also be back compatible with 3DS V4.2.0-9,V4.1.0-8,V4.0.0-7 and V3.0.0-6 and DSi V1.4.3. Acekard 2i is the latest flashcard made specifically for DSi, fully backwards compatible and works on DS Lite and DS. Now it also supports 3DS.

Acekard team has beaten CycoDS and is the first one to release a working Nintendo DSi Flash Card for playing NDS roms, homebrew games and DSi apps on an unmodified DSi console. The new Acekard 2i is similar to the regular AK 2 and can be used on all DS consoles including NDS classic and DSi. Acekard 2i DSi Perfect NDS rom compatibility

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Acekard 2, AK2 card with AKAIO kernel works for Nintendo DS Lite and DS. any file in MicroSD card; Can be used as a Passme to boot from slot-2 flash carts. Support 3in1 expansion cart - Run GBA games via Expand Cart; Support at ou



For Acekard carts from, there are different names for them known as Acekard 2, AK2, Acekard RPG, Acekard R.P.G, Acekard 2i, AK2i. However, they share the same kernel, firmware or software although Acekard 2 works for DSL and DS while Acekard 2i for iDS, iDSL, DS, DSL, DSi, DSi V1.4.3, DSi XL 1.4.3, 3DS 2.1.0-4. The percentage you get from the affiliate program will be determined by the number Acekard 2i Gba Slot 2 of first-time depositors of the previous month, and this Acekard 2i Gba Slot 2 will be summarized from all the Acekard 2i Gba Slot 2 casinos you market. However, the net revenue will be calculated separately for each gambling site you work with.